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Benefits of eBenefix Restructured Healthcare

The more you control each component of your business financially and operationally, the better the results. Your employees’ healthcare program is no different. We break employers free from the traditional models offered to you by the large insurance carriers and show you how to restructure the supply chain of healthcare, manage each component as you would any other facet of your business without sacrificing the quality of your employee health plan and eliminate financial risk to your organization.

Real Results

We combine our expert consulting advice with our robust benefits management team to facilitate your complete benefit package. We work with CEOs, CFOs and their equivalent to release trapped capital from operational expenses. We pivot OpEX into cash flow, increase EBITDA, and improve operational margins.

With only 37 employees, Hogansville saved a staggering $153,255 their first year on eBenefix™. Big savings like these in a small city are extremely impactful. With these savings, the city is giving back to their employees in several ways.

Like most other private schools, Kings Ridge Christian School, is constantly searching for capital to fund school projects or activities. After implementing eBenefix™, Kings Ridge was able to fund a multitude of new projects. Here’s just a few:

  • Resurfaced their football field
  • Repaired aging HVAC system
  • Set aside funds for their ongoing maintenance reserves

The City of Villa Rica was facing a 20% increase that would have taken their healthcare cost per employee to over $16,000 a year. On eBenefix™, their employee costs were halved. With their staggering savings, Villa Rica made several mid-year changes to their plan to benefit their employees:


eBenefix™ was developed to fix the increasing cost of employer Healthcare plans.

Our solution delivers the same or better employee healthcare programs at 20% - 40% lower costs.

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