Strongside Solutions, a Georgia-based healthcare cost management consulting firm, honored city leaders of the City of Villa Rica with H.E.R.O. Awards at today’s City Council Meeting. The City received this award for their dedication which reduced over $1,000,000 in healthcare costs and offered financial relief to the citizens and employees on the city’s benefits program.  The H.E.R.O. or Healthcare Excellence in Recovered Optimization Award recognizes employers who demonstrate the expertise, willingness and diligence to lower healthcare costs, one of the most challenging, complex and expensive line items for a business and their employees.

The City of Villa Rica has been a client partner of Strongside Solutions for five years.  In 2017 the City of Villa Rica moved to the Strongside Solutions eBenefix™ program.  Over the past twelve months on the eBenefix™ program, the City of Villa Rica’s Council, City Administrator, CFO and HR Director have generated $1,030,717 in reduced costs for the Citizens and employees for the City of Villa Rica’s healthcare program.  “This is quite significant, says Wendell Strickland, considering they only have approx.127 employees on the healthcare plan”.  In January 2019 the City of Villa Rica used some the healthcare savings to improve the Cities healthcare plan.  Villa Rica reduced the PCP copay to $0.00, reduced the Specialists Copay from $30 to $15 and increased the dental annual benefit from $1,000 to $2,000. Even more staggering is that the City of Villa Rica has not had to increase the medical deductible to the employees in the 5 years they have been a Strongside Solutions’ client.  “How many employers can boast that they have not increased the medical deductible costs and improved their benefit programs to employees over the past five years?” said Wendell Strickland”.  “This is the result of hard work and improved strategies delivered by Strongside Solutions.”, he added.

The H.E.R.O. award is presented to Councils, Commissions, Board of Directors, Executives and Administrative staff that have demonstrated the expertise and willingness to learn and implement strategic solutions.  In the day and age of “Status Quo” Wendell Strickland, CEO of Strongside Solutions said “We must find a way to break the Status Quo mind-set with Insurance Brokers, Insurance Carriers and the belief that nothing can be done to improve and fix the healthcare delivery system to employers.  We wanted to find a way to reward employer thought leaders across America.  The H.E.R.O. award made perfect sense.  The individuals presented with the H.E.R.O award represent the best and brightest employer leaders in their respective markets.  We are proud to work with these employers in helping and educating their peers in learning how to take back control of their healthcare programs”.

Strongside Solutions is pleased to present the H.E.R.O. award to the City of Villa Rica tonight.  The City Council, Mayor, City Administrator, CFO and HR Director truly exemplify why the H.E.R.O. award was developed and presented.  Thank you, City of Villa Rica, for serving your employees and community and being such a good steward of the talent and resources entrusted by the City.

“We appreciate the recognition from Strongside Solutions for our efforts in improving the employee benefits at a lower cost”, said Mayor Jeff Reese.  “The City of Villa Rica is pleased to have saved our citizens over $1,000,000 while attracting and retaining great employees for our city”, he added.

Villa Rica’s City Manager, Tom Barber, said, “As leaders of the city, we are charged with being good stewards of the city finances.  We welcome this award on behalf of the citizens of Villa Rica and look forward to finding new opportunities for further cost reduction and enhanced benefits.

“We have found Strongside Solutions to be a great partner in finding ways to control costs while providing excellent plans that enhance coverage for our employees.  Strongside is always there for assistance and troubleshooting to ensure seamless administration of benefits”, said Stephanie, HR Manager at the City of Villa Rica.

Villa Rica’s CFO, Sarah Hefty, commented, “Strongside Solutions’ brought the city their eBenefix product.  With that, we now get detailed financial performance reporting and metrics that allows us to understand how the different operating aspects of our health plan are performing.  This allows us to plan and budget our benefits cost like never before.”