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Georgia health care task force looks at saving more than a billion dollars

Strongside Solutions, A Georgia Based healthcare cost management consulting firm was honored to present to Lt. Geoff Governor Duncan’s Task Force on Healthcare Access and Cost on Wednesday.

Lt. Governor Duncan formed the Task Force to pinpoint improvements that can be made to tackle the cost and access burdens to healthcare across Georgia.

Members of the Task Force, which consists of medical professionals and law makers, heard debate about virtual care and other ways to streamline and reduce healthcare costs.

Responding to the request by the Lt. Governor’s office to present to the Task Force, Wendell Strickland, CEO of consulting firm Strongside Solutions, said “the state could save over $1.4 billion by using cost containment programs to eliminate inefficiencies, provide better care to patients and streamline medical costs for government employees”.

Strongside Solutions was joined by 3 city governments that have implemented the eBenefix™ restructured supply chain model generating significant impact to their Citie’s.  David Milliron, City Manager for rural City of Hogansville with only 40 city workers, saved over $150,000.  Tim Young, City Manager for urban City of Hapeville with 150 city workers, saved over $800,000.  Tom Barber City Manager and Stephanie Rooks HR Director for the City of Villa Rica, saved over $1 million dollars.

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Wendell Strickland thanked each City representative for attending the Task Force meeting.  “These Cities are leaders in their respective communities and we are honored to have them drive several hours in Atlanta traffic to ensure the Lt. Governor and Task Force that it is possible to lower costs and improve the quality of healthcare in Georgia” said Wendell Strickland.

Wendell Strickland demonstrated that implementing the same eBenefix™ programs for the Georgia State Health Benefit Plan, the state of Georgia could reduce their costs more than $1.4 billion dollars.

Strongside Solutions developed eBenefix™, a program that provides the restructuring of the individual parts of the healthcare delivery system to employers and their employees. eBenefix™ delivers the same or better healthcare programs to employers at 20 to 40 percent lower costs.

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Georgia has taken huge steps toward being a leader in the field of healthcare,” Duncan stated. “I am proud of the work we accomplished to pass 22 healthcare bills during the legislative session, but there is still much to be done. Now is the time to build on that momentum and find high-quality, affordable and accessible healthcare solutions. I am looking forward to working with this distinguished and diverse group of individuals to find common-sense solutions for all Georgians.”

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