Strongside Solutions, a Georgia-based healthcare consulting firm, honored Stockbridge city leaders with H.E.R.O. Awards at a recent city council meeting. The city received this award for their dedication which reduced over $600,000 in healthcare costs and offered financial relief to the citizens and employees on the city’s benefits program.

The H.E.R.O., or Healthdcare Excellence in Recovered Optimization, Award “recognizes employers who demonstrate the expertise, willingness and diligence to lower healthcare costs, one of the most challenging, complex and expensive line items for a business and their employees,” according to a news release.

Stockbridge has been a client partner of Strongside Solutions for seven years. Throughout this time, the city of Stockbridge’s council, city administrator, CFO and HR director have generated $685,315 in reduced costs for the 75 citizens and employees on the city’s healthcare program.

The city has also been able to provide dental and vision benefits at no costs to the employees and has not had to increase the medical rates to the employees.

“The H.E.R.O. award is presented to councils, commissions, board of directors, executives and administrative staff that have demonstrated the expertise and willingness to learn and implement strategic solutions,” a news release said.

According to Wendell Strickland, CEO of Strongside Solutions, “We must find a way to break the Status Quo mindset with insurance brokers, insurance carriers and the belief that nothing can be done to improve and fix the healthcare delivery system to employers. We wanted to find a way to reward employer thought leaders across America. The H.E.R.O. awards made perfect sense. The individuals presented with the H.E.R.O award represent the best and brightest employer leaders in their respective markets. We are proud to work with these employers in helping and educating their peers in learning how to take back control of their healthcare programs.”

Strongside Solutions developed eBenefix™, a program that provides the restructuring of the individual parts of the healthcare delivery system to employers and their employees. eBenefix™ delivers the same or better healthcare programs to employers at 20 to 40 percent lower costs.