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Strongside Solutions is a cost management consulting firm that specializes in the design, implementation and supply chain management of healthcare benefit programs for employers. Experts in mitigating healthcare costs, Strongside Solutions builds short and long term strategies that both lower your total spend and improve the overall healthcare experience. Strongside Solutions’ proprietary eBenefix™ model has saved employers up to 40%+ on their healthcare spend.

Real Results

We combine our expert consulting advice with our robust benefits management team to take care of your complete benefit package. We work with CEOs, CFOs and their equivalent to release trapped capital from operational expenses. We pivot OpEX into cash flow, increase EBITDA, and improve operational margins.


Benefits of eBenefix Restructured Healthcare

Strongside Solutions developed eBenefix™, a program that provides the restructuring of the individual parts of the healthcare delivery system to employers and their employees. eBenefix™ delivers the same or better healthcare programs to employers at 20 to 40 percent lower costs.

Strongside Solutions is a team of highly-skilled Cost Management Consultants, specializing in lowering the total costs of human capital and maximizing return on investment. For over 20 years, Strongside leverages cost-management solutions to restructure the healthcare supply chain and mitigate the increasing costs of employer-sponsored healthcare plans. Customized programs help clients reduce and eliminate fraud, waste and abuse in their medical and pharmacy benefit programs.


eBenefix™ was developed to fix the increasing cost of employer Healthcare plans.

Our solution delivers the same or better employee healthcare programs at 20% - 40% lower costs.