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What We Do

The more you control each component of your business financially and operationally, the better the results. Your employees’ healthcare program is no different.

We break employers free from the traditional models offered to you by the large insurance carriers and show you how to restructure your supply chain of healthcare and manage each component as you would any other facet of your business without sacrificing the quality of your employee health plan and eliminating financial risk to your organization.

Strongside Solutions is a team of highly-skilled Cost Management Consultants, specializing in lowering the total costs of human capital and maximizing return on investment. For over 20 years, Strongside leverages cost-management solutions to restructure the healthcare supply chain and mitigate the increasing costs of employer-sponsored healthcare plans. Customized programs help clients reduce and eliminate fraud, waste and abuse in their medical and pharmacy benefit programs.

We combine our expert consulting advice with our robust benefits management team to facilitate of your complete benefit package. We work with CEOs, CFOs and their equivalent to release trapped capital from operational expenses. We pivot OpEX into cash flow, increase EBITDA, and improve operational margins.

Who We Are
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Wendell Strickland

President & CEO, Wendell Strickland, has over 14 years of experience in delivering Human Capital Management and healthcare cost containment solutions.

Known as an industry innovator and educator, Wendell was tired of watching healthcare premiums rise. While insurance companies and brokers made business leaders think that healthcare was the one cost center that companies couldn’t manage, Wendell set out to do something about it. Wendell’s deep industry experience and unending drive allowed him to create eBenefix™. Reinventing the Supply Chain of Healthcare, Wendell is now a sought-after speaker for Corporate Events, Industry Conferences, and Leadership Summits.

eBenefix™ restructures the supply chain of healthcare to deliver medical and Rx programs with richer benefits for 20% to 40% less than Big-Box carrier solutions.  Wendell has worked diligently for the past decade to re-engineer healthcare.  eBenefix™ has consistently delivers unparalleled results to his clients year after year.

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Grant Gunnigle

Grant is an accomplished senior leader with extensive experience in operations, information technology, finance, and marketing. His technical business acumen has allowed him to build global organizations while managing hundreds of millions of dollars in growth over the past decade. He has successfully designed & built the technical architecture automating back office processes integrating & servicing over 80,000 clients worldwide..

During his career, Grant has managed companies with a staff size between 10 and over 500. Grant understands both the employer and employee experience in benefits and the challenges an organization faces in making the right choices to recruit and retain top talent.


eBenefix™ was developed to fix the increasing cost of employer Healthcare plans.

Our solution delivers the same or better employee healthcare programs at 20% - 40% lower costs.

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