Stockbridge leaders honored for saving city employees money

By Rachel Kellogg | South Metro Neighbor Strongside Solutions, a Georgia-based healthcare consulting firm, honored Stockbridge city leaders with H.E.R.O. Awards at a recent city council meeting. The city received this award for their dedication which reduced over $600,000 in healthcare costs and offered financial relief to the citizens and employees…

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Wendell Strickland sits down to discuss Healthcare on The Ben Burnett Show

Wendell Strickland, CEO of Strongside Solutions, joins Ben on the show  to talk all things healthcare. Wendell talks about how companies can save millions of dollars on the healthcare plans they offer employees without losing quality of coverage for the employee.  

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City of Hogansville

Hogansville honored for savings: Strongside Solutions recognizes city for benefits cost reduction

By Gabrielle Jansen | Daily News The Hogansville City Council, Mayor Bill Stankiewicz, City Manager David Milliron and City Clerk Lisa Kelly were honored by Strongside Solutions at Monday night’s city council meeting for switching the city to a benefit plan that saved more than $150,000 in healthcare costs. Wendell…

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Villa Rica Rewarded

Villa Rica Self-Insurance Plan Racks Up Savings

By Ken Denney – The Times-Georgian Last year, the City of Villa Rica stepped out on an actuarial limb and did something few other towns have done: it severed ties with behemoth insurance companies to directly provide health insurance for its employees. The move was forecast to save the city…

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